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The Center for Behavioral and Decision Research Data Truck


The Center for Behavioral and Decision Research Data Truck enables affiliates to take research on the road. Experimenters now have the opportunity to obtain data from subjects who would not ordinarily come to campus. This allows researchers greater insight to the lives of people outside of CMU and Oakland.

Anyone affiliated with the Center for Behavioral and Decision Research and some others are eligible to reserve the data truck. If you would like to know if this includes you, please send an email to cbdr-lab@andrew.cmu.edu.

If you want to conduct research on the CBDR Data Truck, please read the Data Truck Researcher Manual first. If you have any questions about what you are responsible for when scheduling and running experimental sessions on the data truck, please refer to the Data Truck Responsibilities Matrix



  • Height: 13 feet, Length: 36 feet

  • 2 rooms: one with desks, another entry/waiting room

  • 8 desks with IBM laptop-computers

  • One half-size refrigerator

  • Wired internal network with high speed EVDO external network connection


Usage Fees

$35/hour for driving and experiment time (does not include set-up time).



Data Truck Use Guidelines:

Control the crowd before it becomes problematic. If it appears that you have more participants lined up than you and the other experimenters can handle, stop letting people in. Tell the line to come back in 15 minutes, close and lock the door.

Experimenters are responsible for bringing reward for participants, be that food, drinks, or money.

There is no signage in the truck. If you would like to advertise your particular study, bring signage.

Always have at least 2 experimenters on hand.

If you encounter any issues while running, contact the lab manager at cbdr-lab@andrew.cmu.edu.

For any other questions, please consult the manual inside the truck.


How Do I Reserve the Data Truck?

If you would like to run a study on the Data Truck, first look at its Google Calendar to check for previous reservations.

If the date is free, get in touch with the lab manager cbdr-lab@andrew.cmu.edu to schedule a tentative date and location. The manager will need to contact the Truck's driver to confirm availability and the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh to obtain parking variances.




Please e-mail cbdr-lab@andrew.cmu.edu if you have any questions
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